Summer Checkup

Hello every one!! Mike from ski country auto and towing here again. I hope you are all doing well. I hope every one of you is safe and healthy. We here at ski county auto want you to know even though the states are opening back up and easing restriction we are still committed to providing you with safe and reliable service. We are still following the safety procedures we put in place to keep you and us safe. Even though we aren't out of the woods yet (I would really like to be) we will still be cleaning our shop and your cars to prevent anything we can. I know most of you are getting pent up from being inside and feel the need to get out. I couldn't agree with you more. Go out but be safe. Be safe with you and your car. Its the time of the year again when we see increased travel through the mountains. So I would like to give you a few tips to keep you going down the road and not on the back of our tow trucks. With rising temps and increased traffic your car's cooling system is going to be put to the test. Always make sure your cooling system is full and not leaking. Even a very small leak can turn catastrophic. The higher the temperature outside and the slower your going your car can’t cool as efficiently and higher temps in the cooling system means higher pressures. What might be a tiny leak, may turn in to a complete blowout. So, check your cooling system regularly. Make sure its full and if you do see it low or leaking make sure to get it fixed. While you're checking your coolant level check the radiator fins as well. Clogging debris can cause your car to overheat from the lack of airflow. We hope you have a great time at whatever you are doing and remember we are always here to help with any issues that may come up. 

Thanks for reading stay safe 

     Stay cool Colorado, 

 Mike Metzger, ski country auto



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