Cabin Air

Hi, everyone! We’ve been pretty busy here at the
shop. Some of you know some of you don’t but
we’ve been renovating our shop! It’s been an
interesting journey so far, but it will be worth it in
the end. We are still open just in our little “she
shed”. That’s what we call it anyway. We still offer
the great service you come to know from us. One
thing I wanted to talk to you about is the cabin air
filter in your car. Most new cars have them. Most
people don’t know what they are or even where to
find it in your car. These are often overlooked.
Some are easy to get to some are a different story.
But it is an important element in your car. They are
not changed as often as your engine air filter but if
you’re not changing it at least twice a year it’s
probably clogging up and putting extra strain on
your HVAC system. I know I like to breathe clean air, don’t you? Your owner’s manual should tell you if
you have one and where it’s at. I urge you to check
it every three months. If you bring your car to us for a service, we do a free inspection of your car, and
cabin air filter is always something we check.
Thanks for reading

Mike Metzger

Ski country auto & towing


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