Air Filters

Air filters.  One of the most overlooked pieces of a car. Here at Ski Country Auto Repair and Towing,  we know every part of the car is important. A good clean air filter should be at the top of everyone’s list. Yes, oil is a little more important but with newer cars these days so many of the calculations a PCM must perform involve how much air is getting into the motor. Air flow determines just how well the car runs. The PCM uses a mass air flow meter or manifold absolute pressure sensor to determine how much fuel is needed to make the engine run properly. That is why we perform a free courtesy inspection on every vehicle we service. Our A.S.E. certified automotive technicians are trained to know the difference between a good air filter and a bad one.  Most people do not understand the cause and affect of a bad air filter. One easy way to think about it is this, everyone has had to run once.  Imagine your out running and the air is nice and clean.  You get to take deep breaths and continue running.  That is how your car loves to run.  Now imagine running into a swarm of May flies. They start getting in your mouth and you can hardly take a deep breath.  If you suck to many of them into your lungs eventually, you will keel over and die.  Cars cannot run without air filters for this reason.  Too much dirt and junk on the road gets kicked up by your tires and other cars affecting your air filter. Same scenario if you are out for your run and hit a swarm of May flies but this time you have a mask covering your mouth and nose.  This time you can run right through them without skipping a beat because your mask will not let them get in you mouth.  Eventually the mask will get clogged and you will not be able to breath as well. Until you cannot breathe at all.  The same thing happens with car air filters only the less air the motor takes in the more likely you are to damage other components on your car. Not to mention the less air that comes in the less miles per gallon you get. At Ski Country Auto Repair and Towing, we’ll inspect your car and let you know if its time or if it can wait.  We strive to keep you on the road and try to help avoid any costly repairs due to lack of preventive maintenance. 


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